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Faculty & Staff

Administrative Staff:

Christopher McNulty, Grade School Administrator

Roberta Haupt, Early-Childhood Administrator

Early-Childhood Teachers:

Roberta Haupt, Early-Childhood lead teacher and Parent-Child teacher, completed her practitioner-based early childhood teacher training at the Sunbridge Institute, a member institute of AWSNA and WECAN.  Roberta brings many years of experience teaching early childhood at an AWSNA-member Waldorf school.

Deirdre Harris, Early-Childhood lead teacher, is a product of a childhood Waldorf education in Germany, and a third-generation Waldorf teacher, and her children are also Waldorf graduates.  Deirdre received training in Germany before leading her own early-childhood program in NY state inspired by the Waldorf philosophy.

Jessica Deveney, Early-Childhood assistant teacher

Nolan Klindworth, Early-Childhood assistant teacher

Class Teachers:

Monique Nicholson, Main Lesson Teacher.

Felicia Campbell, Main Lesson Teacher.  Mrs. Campbell brings years of experience teaching at three different AWSNA-member Waldorf schools.  Felicia has a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education, and both a Masters in Music Education and a certificate in Biodynamic Agriculture from the Sunbridge Institute in NY state, a member institute of AWSNA.

Adam Kuhn, Main Lesson Teacher.  Mr. Kuhn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  He completed his teacher training at the Waldorf Institute of Southeast Michigan in Ann Arbor, a member institute of AWSNA.  Adam brings six years of experience teaching the grades at an accredited Waldorf school, and prior to that Adam spent five years teaching in an early-childhood program inspired by the Waldorf philosophy.

Subject Teachers:

Handwork teacher Alisha Trammel is currently enrolled in the handwork training program at Antioch University New England, an AWSNA member teacher training institute.  While all students practice handwork with their classroom teacher, students in the grade school receive special handwork instruction twice every week.

Julie Hoehnen completed Eurythmy training at Eurythmy Spring Hill in Chestnut Hill, NY.  Julie teaches movement throughout the school year.