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History of Urban Oak School

Urban Oak School benefits from a long history of community members hoping to bring a school inspired by the Waldorf philosophy to the Cleveland area!  In the absence of such a school in the Cleveland area, some families eventually chose to move near a Waldorf school.  Others have chosen to homeschool using a pedagogy based on the Waldorf pedagogy.

In the 1990s, a group of families organized around the desire for aschool in Cleveland Heights inspired by the Waldorf philosophy, but ultimately could not identify a location for a school.  More recently, a different group of families took an effort close to the point of opening a charter school inspired by the Waldorf philosophy in Cleveland Heights.

Urban Oak School was born when a group of families, originally from Cleveland Heights, decided their passion for education inspired by the Waldorf philosophy and desire to provide it for their children should not force them to uproot from their community.  They drew like-minded community members together to explore the energy around starting an independent school in the Heights area, and were thrilled with the response and enthusiasm around the effort.  A core group of founders developed with areas of expertise and experience in running non-profits, law, architecture, social work, teaching, and business consulting, and have dedicated themselves to bringing Urban Oak School to the community.

Urban Oak School is part of a larger community of families and individuals who are intellectually curious, value diversity in all its facets, value the arts for both their aesthetic value and their ability to foster learning, and wish to make a positive impact on their world.  The Urban Oak School community is not only for families whose children are enrolled: we engage the larger community by offering parent-child classes for toddlers and preschool-aged children, classes in the arts, and programs on topics around parenting and family.  Be a part of Urban Oak’s growing community!